Safety On The Go

PikMe is an infinitely scalable safety and logistics app based on peer to peer technology which redefines urban transport, security, and accessibility.


About Us

We are a global leader focused on safety, transit, and transportation. We provide a wide variety of solutions using blockchain and other similar technologies such as AI, BigData analytics, mobile apps, web apps, etc. We are leading blockchain and AI experts using innovative ways to change the way our cities operate. Our dedicated team of professionals and global presence gives us a unique position in this Decentralized World. This makes us an industry leader in the design and development of higher performance systems. Our premium mobile app PikMe is designed to bring marketplace at the doorstep.


Our Vision

Our vision is to provide infinitely scalable logistics solutions for smart cities to meet their needs in an affordable and efficient way thus by making our cities safer, smarter and liveable.

Urban Mobility

PikMe aims to work closely with policymakers to solve the biggest challenges in the urban scenario of organizing all the modes of transport under one network.


With the world’s first peer-to-peer approach towards safety and security, PikMe aims to make every city feel like your own – Safe and Secure.


We aim to provide accessible services to the elderly and people with disabilities or special needs to help them live their lives independently.

What We Do Best

Transit Operations

  • Transit Vehicle Tracking- Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) and Computer-Aided Dispatch (CAD)
  • Dynamic Routing and Scheduling System
  • Transit Signal Priority (TSP)
  • Itinerary Planning
  • Fare Payment System
  • Fleet Maintenance
  • Asset Management
  • Multi-Modal Coordination
  • Coordinate timed transfers between routes, providers, and modes

Traveller Information Systems

  • Real-time arrival/ Departure Information
  • Provide/enhance congestion information to travellers

Traffic Management Systems

  • Signal Control System
  • Signal Coordination

Emergency Management System

  • Response Management
  • Emergency Vehicle Preemption

Transit Enhanced Services

  • On-Demand Services-(late night, expanded service)
  • Micro-Transit Services
  • First-Last Mile Services
  • Paratransit- Will Call Services- On-Demand
  • Flex Routes
PikMe About Us


Let’s build a safer and accessible community!

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