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Logistics, Mobility, Markets.

PikMe is one of the first of its kind peer to peer urban safety and logistics app which aims to redefine the way people move around.

We make cities smarter using innovative solutions by bringing together micro-markets, transport, safety, and paratransit in order to bring city services on a single platform. Need more information about Brand Guidelines, PikMe Story, History and PikMe updates? Check out our fact sheet.


Company Fact Sheet

A city can be so many things for so many people. You browse a neighborhood or a small locality. But not a city. Cities are big, complex and often very private. So how cool it can be if one can explore the city and stay connected. It can help people to safely move around and find avenues of entertainment, shopping and hanging around.

PikMe started as an experiment to make lives safer and better for people. We share the concerns and complexities people face today living in cities. So we started working on PikMe in 2017 centered around 3 major factors – Safety, Mobility, and Marketplace.

A unique peer to peer solution towards citizen safety on our crowdsourcing platform. We bring help from good samaritans and authorities nearby your location in a private and secure way.

Blockchain-powered Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) for transportation redefining the way people move around. Our technology enables the best and effective transit fleet operation, passenger utilization and integration.

Ability to summon a taxi, order food and other consumer goods from local businesses helping the small business economy grow and prosper.
What’s more? same day delivery with PikMe Transit!

At PikMe, we are making cities smarter, safer and helping the local economy thrive. We are building a community of active and engaged citizens who feel safe and rely on us for trusted transportation, logistics and conduct business in a growing metropolitan city.

LBS (Location-Based Services) and Blockchain technology are the two main pillars of PikMe. The delivery platform is built on the cloud with AI technology for managing the optimal user experiences. PikMe is available for users through web browsers for PC-Laptop and mobile-based applications for both iOS and Android.

PikMe has a seasoned team of technocrats and business developers in the field of public utilities having decades of experience. The team is inspired to being helpful to people first. We love helping people and want to build a long term value-based relationship with people based on trust, privacy, and honesty. We follow the “Do Good Thing” principle in all our endeavors.

Headquarter (US)
8415 Pulsar Pl Suite 300,
Columbus, OH 43240 – US

Purva Primus, 10th Floor – Office -2,
No. 236, Rajiv Gandhi Salai,
Thoraipakkam, Chennai,
Tamil Nadu 600097

167 Jalan Bukit Merah #05-12
Connection One
Singapore – 150167

Facts & Figures – Third Quarter 2019

Projected Growth in User Acquisition – 60% M-o-M
Projected Growth in Fleet Onboarding – 80% M-o-M
Projected Growth in Ridership – 90% Q-o-Q


Brand Guidelines

We provide the following brand guidelines to make it easy for you to use the PikMe logo, whether you are showcasing your use of PikMe products or representing us in news articles and blog posts.

Please follow these guidelines to ensure that the PikMe brand is consistent, recognizable, and always looks great! If you would like to use our logo in any format not covered by these guidelines, please contact info@pikme.io


The PikMe logo is a combination of the wordmark with the icon. Please always use the wordmark and icon together. Refrain from using either the wordmark or the icon on its own.

Download Logo


Logo Colors

The PikMe logo can either be red ( HEX – #c00000 ) or white. Please use the red logo for light backgrounds and the white logo for dark backgrounds.

PikMe Logo
PikMe Logo

Clear Space

When using the PikMe logo, please maintain a clear space of at least one icon around the logo to ensure its visual impact.

PikMe Logo

Logo Size

To ensure legibility, the PikMe logo height should never be smaller than 30px in digital and 0.4in in print.

If we are participating in your event, our logo should always be the same size as the logos of other companies or sponsors of the same tier.

PikMe Logo
Fleet Management app


It is important that the PikMe logo remains consistent. Do not alter or manipulate the logo, or combine with or use any old logos.

Please Do Not

  • Use the icon and/or the wordmark by itself.
  • Change the color of the logo.
  • Use old logo versions
Vehicle Tracking App


When referencing our company in writing, PikMe is always written as a single word with an uppercase ‘P’ and an uppercase ‘M’.


PikMe Press Coverage

We collected images that show off what you can achieve and do with PikMe and life around the PikMe offices. These images are free to use when talking or writing about PikMe.

TimesNext.com | January 4th, 2020

How Prabhat and Prashant Singh’s startup – PikMe is providing smart mobility suite to deliver unified logistics. Read More . . .

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