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The Vision

Mobility Driven Corridors.

Mobility is the enabler for all businesses and our daily lives. Either it is our personal vehicles or shared vehicles which move us around, and thus economy keeps buzzing. In the very near future, Vehicles would no more be about possession alone. Even when you own one, for far travel, you will get a rental autonomous shared vehicle. Rental vehicles are still shared, but autonomous vehicles will be shared differently. Autonomous vehicles are a commodity. They timeshare much more dynamically. But what does it mean for the future? Know more here about service differentiators in autonomous vehicles and what can you do today. You can be the early bird and capture the moment.

100% Autonomous Mobility

Smart & autonomous vehicles are no longer an idea, they have grown into a mature and reliable technology, still, there’s a huge room for development of better, more reliable and efficient systems which can be achieved with adding active input from the roads into the equation. 

Active Input From Smart Roads

Vehicles can be smart, why not roads. Technologies that help give autonomous vehicles an extra stream of crutial data input are already being implemented and they are the last building block to acheiving absolutely safe and reliable autonomous mobility corridors, which will revolutionize the way we move.


First & Last Mile Connectivity

These Autonomous Mobility Corridors will be connected with efficient and smart vehicles. This will enable a seamless mobility experience with smart, efficient and autonomous first and last mile connectivity making these Mobility Corridors the go to mobility platform for businesses & comsumers alike.

The Change

Users Are What Everyone Needs.

The cusp moment just passed after big giants are swiftly fading away in public transport. Uber, Lyft, and many others have ingrained a new habit in users which will live. People want their choices on the app. Are you on the app? Maybe yes. But are the users there with you? Maybe. You need users. And the future of your mobility business is not about reacquiring users. Making an app and trying to acquire users is a deviation from your goals. You should be building the mobility service as a platform to win users.
With the oncoming disruption of autonomous vehicles, providing a driver and vehicles won’t cut it alone. You will have to consolidate your strengths of offering which your users love you for.

What’s Important

Safety, Mobility And Markets.

Safety is the paramount need of wherever you are. With the increasing complexity of our lives, we need to have a new age public safety system which protects us in more than one way. To connect people to markets and businesses. Reliable public safety is an ultimate platform that hooks users for a selfless cause and welfare state. It is the core of PikMe. We built this platform to make a holistic experience of riding around the city for various kinds of logistics needs. And this is the greatest opportunity to establish your business as a differentiated service. Rides are not just about moving from point A to point B. Rides are of different kinds based on people, level of foresight planning, mode of communication, schedules, pooling, hospitality, frequency and so much more. Join PikMe to start building your differentiated advantages.

The Future Of Mobility Is Faster, Smarter, More Efficient & It’s Closer Than You Can Imagine.



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In Collaboration Lies Great Success

Collaboration Is Key.

Collaboration is key for the 21st century. The multi-operator and multi-modal platform of PikMe is the perfect place for you to build your supply chain for demand and supply in logistics. We play the role of technology enablers for various kinds of rides to become seamlessly available to commuters. These rides can be for daily office commutes, or the occasional visit to hospitals, or going shopping. Businesses, governments, and service providers can host their offerings on PikMe and enjoy the scalability and growth.

Target Cities




Be A Part Of The Future Of Mobility!

Join PikMe in revolutionizing the way people and businesses move, fill out the form below.

Be A Part Of The Future Of Mobility!

Join PikMe in revolutionizing the way people and businesses move, fill out the form below.


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