Having good roads, a telecom network and all types of emergency response vehicles, is the infrastructural adequacy, one part of the story. One still needs a way to manage it well for the highest possible utilization, empowering citizens to take safe actions and good quality of service for the end-users. There is ample scope to improve utilization by increasing the location-based services and efficient routing. The ways in which citizens can help each other is very limited and mostly nonexistent in a standardized and scalable way. The quality of service is still not measured at the same level as flight status or hospitality. It is important to understand that emergency services need realtime tracking and responsive customer service. And this idea is not Utopian anymore. Authorities of various countries are exploring it. For example, the USA is exploring a new age 911 for providing tracking, dispatching, and fulfillment. Similarly, India is trying a new 112 service for improving public services. Other countries like Singapore, UK, UAE, China, among many others are working in this direction.


There is a need for change. And if the cities and communities do not respond in time, they would fall behind in providing a livable, safe and effective life to dwellers. The demands are coming due to multiple factors. The key demand factors are increasing population, change in behaviors like more propensity of eating outside or shopping avenues or hangout and entertainment options or large multipurpose workplaces and various others. Now emergencies don’t only happen in limited scenarios like a decade back, mostly at home or highways. Due to the explosion in sharing economy, people are more prone to fall into threatening situations. Therefore it is important for emergency responses to be tuned appropriately.


PikMe’s SOS is a mobile app, designed to provide optimal utilization of response fleets, enabling peer to peer safe help network and improved quality by realtime fulfillment tracking. It is a free service for end-users dedicated to keeping them safe in almost all situations. Users need to set their speed dial contacts for the same. People can press ‘Normal’ or ‘High’ SOS buttons for situations when they face any threats, and a rescue program will be activated. The rescue program for ‘Normal’ SOS connects the users to their speed dial contacts. The rescue screen will have those live contacts who have accepted to help and can coordinate their effort via chat, voice or video messaging, among other means available on the device. They can see the live location of help seeker. Help seeker can view the location as well as the approach of the active helpers.


PikMe is our way of making a difference and providing New Age Security to the people around the globe. You can also join this change and make a difference, Download the PikMe App, it is available for both Android and iOS devices, let’s all make this world a better, safer, smarter and accessible community.


Let’s build a safer community, together!

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