PikMe COVID-19 Response

To help in the easy procurement of essential supplies during the COVID-19 lockdown, we have waived off all commisions from the PikMe Marketplace platform.

All grocery and retail shop owners including any other business that can provide people with essential supplies during the lockdown can signup on the PikMe Marketplace platform for zero cost and set up their shop to give easy access to essential supplies and help make the lockdown effective.

PikMe Marketplace

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Our Target

100 essential supply shops in each of the 720 districs in India.

Help us reach the goal, you can volunteer to get your nearby shops onboarded on PikMe Marketplace, we are providing the patform for free to shops all over India.

Learn more about the COVID-19 Pandemic

With this deadly pandemic, the world is also facing a wave of false news and information about the deadly virus. Learn more about COVID-19 from trusted sources and help yourself and the people around you stay safe.

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Volunteer to on-board shops near you

Help the country fight COVID-19 and the people around you by getting your nearby shops on-boarded on PikMe.

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Report Black-marketing

Report and make sure that the authorities know about any incedent of black marketing and inflated prices in any shop near you.

Report a Shop

Providing essential supplies at people’s doorstep doesn’t have to be hard.

We can all make a difference!
We have taken the first step by providing PikMe Marketplace as a free-to-use platform for all businesses across India. Now it’s your turn, help people stuck at homes get essential supplies, help shop owners near you to get on the platform. Each of us can make a huge change. Spread awareness, stay indoors, stay safe.

"Maintain social distancing, for that is the only way we'll get through this."

Ready to help the people? Join PikMe Marketplace Now!

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